Toyota Prius

Saatchi & Saatchi LA tapped Bajibot's 3d and banner development team to show off the 2016 Toyota Prius' striking new features with some incredible rich media banners featuring cinematic push-ins of the vehicle in dramatic fashion. Bajibot was faced with the challenge of using ultra detailed CAD data which had to be optimized and managed in a way that would allow us to quickly set up shaders and animate hundreds of objects. Our pipeline allowed us to get through animatic and through development stages easily. An aggressive timeline meant quick render times and the ability to address feedback on the fly without sacrificing photo-realistic looks, the highest priority. Bajibot garnered approval from Toyota's ultra-secure engineering department and gained access to the original car model data. With our extensive experience in producing 3D content for digital platforms, our 3D team executed a broadcast quality CG vehicle that can be efficiently adapted into various rich media unit sizes.