Craft Your Perfect Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Distillery, one of the oldest makers of American Whiskey, worked alongside Bajibot to create an innovative digital experience. Our task was complex. We needed to educate the American public about the bourbon making process without increasing demand for the product. After all, bourbon needs time to age so there is only so much supply in circulation.

We recognized that most competitive brands advertised their product based on merit, heritage and even sex appeal. Bajibot and Buffalo Trace saw this an opportunity to move in a completely different direction. Our goal was to put flavor above all else – “Craft Your Perfect Bourbon” was born.

We devised an engaging application that served up bite size factoids, giving users a unique lesson on the bourbon making craft in just three minutes! Now anyone unfamiliar with the process can walk away a master distiller, and hopefully, a brand advocate for life!

The second phase of the "Craft Your Perfect Bourbon" experience will be a first ever for the bourbon industry. Buffalo Trace will create the "People's Choice Select" bottle, whose flavor will be based solely on the unique user data from the site. This is revolutionary for a brand like Buffalo Trace who refuses to rely on gimmicky marketing tactics. The people have been heard loud and clear and they have crafted the perfect bourbon!